We make flower delivery happy, accessible and biker friendly.


When designing and handcrafting our bouquets we pay special attention to use only flowers that are fresh, seasonal and of high quality. flowerMe bouquets contain more flowers than fillings so they can breath freely and delight the recipient with their fresh and playful looks.

We know how difficult it is to find your way in the heavy traffic of Budapest. That is why we choose to deliver the bouquets by bike and free of charge. With this in mind, gifting flowers becomes a simple and easily accessible treat to everyone.

We also support the Hungarian Cylcists`Club with donations for more cycle paths and a healthier, happier life. So biking to work or to school in the city could be more joyful and become an everyday habit.



Have to get more flowers, more often.


 Wish for constant flower treat at your home, office, hotel or coffee shop? What about a special gift? By subscribing at flowerMe you may choose to receive or send flowers each week, every other week or monthly. Set your own delivery dates on your personal delivery calendar, or email us at flowerme@flowerme.hu to arrange it and cheer up your environment.



We design flower arrangements.


We take orders for floral arrangements and decorations, may it be for private premises, coffee shops, boutique hotels, offices or events.



Please drop us a note and we will get back to you with all details!

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Fresh flower bouquets delivered to your workplace

We care for your work space and your business by delivering fresh flower bouquets which will make a difference. 

Let us know what we can do for your business!

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What are you interested in?

We are are very excited to get involved in a new innovative project called Budapest Art and Design Collective. With this in mind we are joining a small community of international designers from all fields, willing to share their knowdelege to all of you interested in expressing freely and playfully your creativity.  

flowerMe is bringing in the following months few floral arrangements workshops, where you will have the chance to learn basic skills on flower design. Those classes are making great gifts, self treatments or just creative fun together with your friends. 

Bouquet Workshop

The first class was about how to create and arrange your own bouquet and was held in English on January 30.

We welcomed total beginners for a relaxing Saturday morning. During the 3 hours course the students learned at first how to prepare the flowers in order to guarantee their longer life in a vase, and than they were thought how to arrange them into a beautiful bouquet in order to emphasize the flowers natural, genuine beauty. Their creations were than packed nicely so they could give it as a gift or bring it home to surprise family and friends.

Here you can view the happy students with their beautiful creations and the overall mood of the workshop. 

Photo credit Tiina Arminen.

Flower Crown Workshop

Photo credit Tiina Arminen.

Christmas Door Wreath

I had the opportunity to be invited and teach the parents on how to craft a Christmas decoration door wreath at the Britannica International School in Budapest. It turned to be a creative blast morning full of good vibes and happy mothers. Further activities will be organized soon.

We are honored to get your orders for small weddings and family events!

Get in touch for details at flowerme@flowerme.hu.

SUCCULENT in a jar.

We think of men too! We handcraft the perfect low maintenance gift for them!

Water the succulents once a month and they will do just OK! 

Fill out the form to order your gift here.

Add warmth, feelings and color to your home with flowers and styling!

More details will follow.