Frequently asked questions

Why are you open Monday to Friday only?

We are a very small business. Weekends and public holidays are our days-off when we mostly spend the time with our family and plan the flowerMe operation for next week. We hope that in the near future our business grows so that we can extend our happiness delivery during weekends, too. Nevertheless we can accept exceptions in case of very well planned orders.

Can I select my own flowers for the bouquet?

In order to keep things simple, avoid wastage and stay true to our mission of choosing flowers that are on season, we offer a limited selection, which is refreshed weekly. Please check our weekly bouquets here. Although you can choose size and the frequency of delivery.

How you size up the bouquets?

The original bouquet includes 10 to 15 stems, while the big bouquet does include 20 to 25 stems.

The bouquets don´t always look the same as the one I see on the website. Why is that?

We do keep the design portrayed in the weekly selection, however, sometimes we take the freedom to replace one flower with the other depending on the quality we find at the flower market. We always keep the tone and the value of the bouquet though.

Can I place a custom order? (i.e. 31 red roses)

Yes, you can place any custom order at or via phone on +36304857769 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Although, we are not able to accept custom orders for same-day delivery.

How my bouquets are delivered?

Our flowerMe delivery is as green as can be. Bouquets are hand delivered by the florist or by a thoughtful courier by bike or on foot when possible.

When my flower will arrive to their destination?

In order to live up to free delivery, our delivery routes are optimized by location. Thus we cannot guarantee specific arrival times.

Where do you deliver the bouquets?

We cover the Budapest inner city, in the following districts: I.; II.; V.; VI.; VII.; VIII.; IX., XI.; XII. and XIII. See the detailed map here. We aim to extend the delivery area in the future.

What is the deadline for the same-day delivery?

Same-day delivery orders are accepted by noon each day, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).


What is a flower subscription?

We would love to see people enjoy flowers more often. By subscribing you can choose to receive or send flowers each week, every second week or monthly – no need to feel locked in because you can cancel anytime.

Can I change the recipient for each delivery?

Yes! Our subscription is flexible, so you can change the recipient upon your needs. Nevertheless, you will have to announce the change 2 days prior the day of delivery by e-mail referring to your subscription order.

Do you create custom subscriptions?

Yes! We can create any product and subscription you’re looking for. Please contact us to arrange it on the contact page.

Did not find the answers to your questions yet?

No problem. You can send us your inquiries, questions or suggestions on our contact page.