A year of happy sharing moments!

This is  is the moment of the year to reflect on things which were here but did not have time to consciously look at. I was busy to make others happy creating and delivering bouquets, organizing workshops for soul, each time caring for unique stories. Now I am busy to look after them:

His job is to fly civil planes, he is very young and dreaming of a great aviation career. He meets the girl of his life in Budapest who is studying here few more years. They lived a love story while he was off flying for some days. But he had to go and the next time they could see each other was in some months. He sends flowers to make her waiting softer. 
Who says number 20 does not have any other significance than number 20? It does for two of them. Is an important day when they have first met. Since than almost every 20 of the month is celebrated with love messages and flowers. Very cute!
She is visiting Budapest for a short business trip. Her meeting was not very successful she has hard times getting over it. He thinks a flower bouquet will break through the sadness and hurries to send flowers to cheer her up.
She is in Budapest for a week for a student exchange workshop. She travels from afar, arrives tired but she is having high expectations of the time spent here. He wants to surprise her and to light up the hotel room with a flower bouquet once she gets there. Her reaction when sees the note with the bouquet is simply priceless.

I am grateful to be part of all those lovely happy moments and already excited about what the 2017 will bring. 

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

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