Thank you for being with us along our first year!

This spring does mean a lot for us. We celebrate one year since we have launched our small business, and we are thankful for all the happy moments we have shared together.

Thank you for the trust, support and encouragement you showed us during this amazing journey!

We strive to further bring joy and enchant you with beautiful flowers.


Your precious pictures:

I refuse to give in to the moody weather. Flowers by @flowerme_bouquets #budapest #summerinside

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Flowered in by @flowerme_bouquets #flowerme #weekenddelight #elevatorselfie

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Thank you for the beautiful flowers💐 @flowerme_bouquets

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Your genuine impressions:

Először is engedje meg, hogy gratuláljak az ötlethez es ehhez a nagyszerű kezdeményezéshez. A csokor egyszerűen gyönyörű es az en ízlésemhez leginkabb passzoló. Egyszerű es megis nagyszerű, finom es mar a tavaszt idézi.
— Noémi
I would like to give you some additional feedback on the workshop!
I have to admit that I’m mostly very critical. Your workshop was perfect because of several reasons: the way you introduce yourself. Nice story! The flowers you choose and explain this with the color scheme. Your natural jute apron and enthusiasm. What is very special is the book you gave us and the special “thank you” card! And the paper-bag with your logo. Very professional and complete! I’m sure you will be successful in your work if you continue this quality.
I made a bouquet I normally would not make. I would never choose these flowers but I’m very happy with the result. So I learned something new! Thanks for that!
— Hanneke
Thanks for the delivery. Its for my girlfriend, she likes colours, Love what and how you do it.
— Ronny
So beautiful!! I love your flowers!
Thank you!! :D
— Sarah
Thank you for sending me a photo! She loved them and was so happy. She couldn’t get over how nice of an arrangement it was. Thanks again, I’ll definitely order from you again in the future.
— Jason
Engedd meg hogy azzal kezdjem hogy elmondom, mennyire gyönyörűek a csokraid! Feldobják az ember hangulatát! Virágokkal dolgozni önmagában is élmény lehet, de így mi is részesülünk egy kicsit belőle!
— Nóra
Először is: nagyon-nagyon szépek, amiket csinálsz! :)
— Fatima
I am following you on FB and Instagram and this is much better to look at each day than any positive message they post on FB.
— Rita
It was the perfect bouquet...
You do an excellent job! Hope everything will be perfect with your business!
Thank you once more time for everything, Mihaela!
— Alexander
Beauty of today! Or how an amazing bouquet makes your life beautiful! Thank you Mihaela Tom!:)
— Coco
Thank you, flowerMe! You made the pain of getting one year older much more enjoyable. However, these bouquets are too beautiful to only be ordered and received for birthdays. Any day could be a flowerMe day for someone you love.
— Dana
Very pretty flowers, speedy delivery and made my Mom very happy on her name day. Thank you flowerMe!
— Réka
Köszönöm a képeket, nagy sikere volt a csokornak. Máskor is fogok rendelni Önöktől.
— Péter
Mihaela, it is so beautiful what you do....
— Krisztina
Your bouquets are simply poetry...
— Andreea